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Darth Vader does OTIII by

Time for a little fun, and this time I decided to have a play around with some clips from Star Wars, in particular, The Empire Strikes back.

This is how I think Darth Vader would cope with the nonsense that is the Church of Scientology's "Operating Thetan" course, OTIII. OTIII is of course infamous for the 'Xenu kicks alien ass' story. Anyone unfamiliar with the Scientology Xenu story should Google South Park & Scientology. That's all you need my friend!

My apologies for the dubious lip syncing!; I only had about 3 seconds of original clips to choose from (for the human), and time is short! Because the original film had background music, I had rip out all the sound effects and music and recreate the SFX as best I could.

A full size/quality of this video can be downloaded here:

I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for watching, and all hail Xenu!

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