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Anonymous interview with Graham Berry about Scientology after the "This is Scientology" conference in Hamburg (1/2)

The interview was done after the "This is Scientology!" event of the ministry of the interior of Hamburg, Germany.

Sorry for bad sound quality. Subtitles were added for your convenience.


This is after the „This is Scientology!" event and I just wanted to ask you some questions.
So, what happened before the event, before you got here? What difficulties did you have with Scientology just related to the event? When you heard of it, when you came here.

Well, we had no difficulties in Los Angeles except for Jason. Jason's wife at three in the morning received a phone call from Tommy Davis, who you all know. And Tommy wanted to talk with Jason. And she didn't tell him until the next morning when we were at the airport. And Jason decided he wouldn't call Tommy cause he knew exactly what Tommy wanted to talk about. So we travelled to Los Angeles and when we got here and got to the hotel where we were staying, the entheta hotel in Ursula's entheta city, we noticed that several of the people who were on the plane were also at the hotel what by itself means nothing. But after a while when they are constantly near us all the time we began to wonder.

When we noticed these two men repeatedly we began to obviously realise they were private investigators. The first morning we were here we learned very early that at three in the morning American Express allegedly had phoned the hotel and ascertained the numbers, the room numbers, of Mark and Jason's rooms. So we had to all change our rooms immediately for fear they were going to access the rooms while we were away. When we had our meeting at the trade union org there were demonstrators outside from Scientology. And inside.. Well, let me back up a moment. We also learned that morning that David Miscavage sent his own delegation to Hamburg from the U.S. . David Miscavage had sent Monique Yingling, who is one of his top tax-lawyers, from Washington and had sent Bill Walsh who is another top Scientology tax-lawyer from Washington, along with Kendrick Moxon who is the lead attorney from within OSA and also Tommy Davis and Jessica Rodriguez who unto recently at least as been babysitting, shall we say, Kathie Holmes.. her children Is there a difference?
And they had a job to do, apparently, and that was to stop the congress. And they went to court --

Two pieces of apple cake.

And here is more cake, so we'll have to stop for more cake.

Before we had this delicious cake, I was talking about changing rooms. And we changed rooms and we learned the real reason why D. M. hat sent his delegation and that was to try and shut down the congress all together. He had lawyers in Munich, over at the court in Munich, who tried to prevent the conference from happening or for them to have access to the panel as well. And Ms. Caberta's lawyers convinced the court that that shouldn't happen because they had already known for four or five weeks that it was going to happen and if they had wanted to attend they could have sent a letter then and made their reservations. By the time they decided to do it it was too late and it was sold out. So there was no room at the end for Scientology so they had an epic fail at that. So we started the congress and they were protesting outside and they also, once again, tried to come inside. Sabine Weber, the head of OSA in Germany, came in, so did Kendrick Moxon and they still couldn't get access. Moxon approached two of the employees at the working group of Scientology. He demanded their passports, he demanded their identification because Mr. Moxon was gonna sue them. For some reason Mr. Moxon, the Los Angeles lawyer, thinks he can come to Hamburg, to entheta city, and demand identification and passports and file lawsuits. But they said no and he had to go away. And so both in the courts and at the congress D. M. and his delegation had an epic fail and went home empty handed for lower ethics conditions.

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