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Message to Anonymous and our Allies

Greetings to Anonymous and their allies in the fight against Scientology,

Recently, an invitation was issued to those who left Project Chanology to return and reclaim it. There may be some who are newer to Anonymous, or are associated with them who may have misunderstood the charge and are wondering if they and their methods are still welcome.

In any conflict of this magnitude, every part plays a role. A hive would be nothing more than a horde of insects if not for its singularity of purpose. No part is greater than the other. Is the eye, less useful than the hand - because it cannot grasp?

In sum: all Anonymous are welcome, regardless of their origins, tactics, beliefs, and reasons for their fight. Some may not understand those that created Anonymous in the first place or their tactics, and people fear what they do not understand. What must be realized is the nature of that very fear is what brought attention to Anonymous in the first place by the media, and by the Church of Scientology. It works. So does what you do, but in a different way.

Without darkness, there is no light. Without decay, there is no life. Without fear, there is no hope. The V for Vendetta masks, currently worn by so many Anonymous, is the trademark symbol of a dark vigilante character. Anonymous was born in darkness, and currently some of the symbols of darkness have been embraced. They are powerful, protective, and strong. As Anonymous, or allies of Anonymous, you are free to conduct yourself as you wish as long as you stay on target and keep in mind that you alone are responsible for your own actions. You do not have to cease protest and activism methods such as hug raids or candlelight vigils. Continue to dance and sing. Continue to offer help to those that wish to escape the cult.

If activism of a darker nature leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, do not participate in those actions. If it resonates with you, feel free to contribute your ideas and actions in order to effectively fight this corrupt organization your way. As other Anonymous do not interfere with your works, do not interfere with theirs. Cast aside your ego and your preconceived notions. There is work to be done.

To those who are still in scientology: your orgs are closing. Your friends and family members are leaving. The corruption is coming to light. Course materials are now free for you to find on the internet. People are speaking out in the media and in the streets. It is time to leave. The storm is coming, and in the end it's up to you to decide where you'll be standing when it strikes.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
United as one, divided by zero, we are unstoppable.
Expect Us.

I did not create this movie, it was written by many and I saw it and decided to mirror it

for great justice

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Comment by Anontacular on September 9, 2008 at 23:06
For Great Justice ... Divided by Zero.

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